Why is Cricket One of the Best Sports of All Time?

Sports fans would agree when we say that Cricket is one of the best sports of all time. Not only is the game fun to play but it is fun to watch as well. All around the world, people enjoy watching cricket and you can do that too either on your TV or stream it using your internet service, especially if you are using a provider company such as Spectrum. However, even if your Spectrum services start acting up, you could always contact Spectrum Customer Service so that they can give you a fix as soon as possible. 

However, coming back to Cricket, here are a few reasons why we think that Cricket is one of the best sports of all time and why everyone should either watch it or play it:

  1. Cricket is a Sport for Every Age

Whether you choose to watch it or to play it, Cricket is for everyone whether they are children or adults. You can train your children very young on how to play cricket either for fun or competitively. Similarly, cricket is the kind of sport that can be played by both genders, men and women alike. 

Even people in their 60s can play cricket, people in their teenage tend to play cricket the most and at an international level, people play cricket the most. 

  1. Cricket is Popular All Over the World

There are some countries that have a passion for playing cricket and for watching it. It holds a lot of emotional value to them and they are very sensitive when it comes to cricket matches between countries. When it comes to the most popularity, the countries that have a passion for the sport include Pakistan, India, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and England. These countries are known for their passion for the sport and how it runs in their blood. 

  1. More Directional Liberty in Cricket

When you play sports such as Tennis, Squash, or Badminton you are restricted to playing in only one direction, which is forward. However, when you are playing cricket you need to be more strategic as you can hit the ball in any direction that you wish. You need to keep a close eye on the fielders so that you can figure out which direction you need to hit in, with how much strength and how much distance the ball must travel. In all cases, you need to aim to score a 4 or a 6 with your shots. 

You are not restricted in hitting the ball in just one direction, you can hit it in any direction that you want when you are in the batting position. 

  1. Different Modes and Formats of the Game

Cricket gives you a little liberty according to everyone’s capability and patience as it comes in many modes that you can play in. Normally, the type that people like to play the most is the 5-day Test Cricket match. People also like to play the game with 50 overs, they like to play T-10 and T-20 matches as well. You just need to see what suits your preference the most and which game you can play or watch, depending on the level of your dedication. 

  1. It is the Kind of Game that Requires Planning and Strategy

Cricket isn’t the kind of game that you just wing it and play it, there is a lot of strategy that goes into the game. You need to be mindful about what the bowler might do and you need to take into account all of the possibilities. You also need to see how you would place all of your shots and what you can do to defend the wicket. 

You also need to see if you need to play offensive or if you need to play defensive, just like any other sport that you could play. You must always remember to stay calm at all times and keep your composure so that you can play flawlessly. So not only are you working physically for the game but you are also working mentally for the game as well, which is one of the reasons why cricket is referred to as a gentleman’s game. 

Wrapping Up

It is without a doubt that cricket is a pretty popular sport all over the world, with its global level tournaments and spirit-raising vibe. You should also try watching or playing the sport to see how great it is. 

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