How can you Deposit and Withdraw from an N8 casino account?

Gaming in India is pacing tremendously, thanks to regulated platforms and secured payment options. In fact, the government of India has tagged it as a legal way to mint and has forayed various rules and regulations around the online gaming industry to safeguard the interest of the players. In lieu of protecting their interests an inch more, N8 Casino has created a level playing platform for players that help them to play different games without inhibitions. 

What is N8 casino and why is it considered the best sports betting platform in India?

N8 Games is the best betting platform wherein you can bet on different games and earn a lot. Apart from being safe and secure, it gives you thousands of other reasons to be a part of it, some of which are mentioned below.

  • Here you can find 100+ live casino games and sports betting options.
  • It has a friendly user interface.
  • The platform is legitimate and licensed, and the betting happens in a safe and private environment.
  • To make the game fair and square, they have modern security measures that inspect the games and processes regularly to provide a fair experience. 
  • The platform offers a real-time casino guide so that the player can play in a well-thought-of manner.
  • You can play online casino games on mobile.
  • Dedicated customer care is available to support you with your queries.

Now that we know N8 casino is the best platform to start with, let’s tell you step-by-step how to earn from it.

Step 1- Download the N8 app

Install the N8 app on your mobile and sign up. 

Step 2- Registration 

Now, you are just a step away from being rich! Register to the website, and after verification, you will become an authenticated player.

Step 3- Deposit

It’s fairly easy to deposit in the N8 app. You can start small depending on your pocket, and once you are satisfied, you can play wisely and add more to the wallet. Here are the steps governing the process.

  • Open the N8 app
  • Click on the account and press the deposit tab
  • Enter the amount that you wish to deposit.
  • After entering the amount, click on the next tab.
  • Return to the game after an initial recharge. 

To encourage the players to play more and earn, an additional bonus will be given.

Step 4- Play the game of your choice

N8 casino gives you plenty of games to try your luck with amazing cash rewards and bonuses to grab for. Here, you can do sports betting (you can bet on your favorite sports like cricket, football, tennis, kabaddi, and many more), live casinos, slot games, and online card games.

Step 5- Earn bonus.

Earn hefty bonuses and offers by playing the games or joining the team. Also, they provide you with an additional bonus for a higher deposit.

 Also, in this IPL Season N8 is providing special IPL bonuses for their players.

Step 6- Redeem the earnings

Now, it’s time to get the winnings in your pocket! To do so, click on the withdraw tab and press the wallet transfer button, add a withdrawal method and fill in the bank account details, click on confirm withdrawal and then a pop-up appears and press on submit withdrawal tab. Yay! The withdrawal amount is submitted.

Documents required for withdrawal from the bank account

To withdraw the amount, you require an Aadhar card.

Online Casino Withdrawal Time

Withdrawals can be redeemed in your bank account within 7-24 hours, and the lowest amount you can withdraw is Rs 300.

However, sometimes payout delays might happen due to the following reasons

Multiple accounts. Multiple accounts are invalid, and if a person uses a similar id or bank details, the bonus will stand withdrawn.

If you are below the gambling age. The platform allows only 18+ to play the games and earn rewards if you lie about your age. The company has full discretion to investigate your account; after that, the payment will be released.

– N8 casino has certain mandatory KYC norms that you have to follow. Without complete verification, you won’t be allowed to withdraw. 

– When withdrawing your earnings or so-claimed bonus, N8 requests you to provide bank details. If you choose to forego it and try using a different payment method, it might cause a delay in withdrawal. 

– When the player commits self-sparring. A self sparring is a violation of the gaming agreement. Momentarily, he bets on both red and black. It is invalid and might cause payment delays.

– Last but not least, if you have given incorrect payment details, the withdrawal will inevitably be delayed. Hence, it is advisable for the players to double-check their credentials to avoid payment delays. If you have made a mistake, immediately contact the customer care staff to prevent the worse from happening. 

Winding it up

N8 is the best online casino platform that helps players churn and become a bigwig. However, you must adhere to rules and regulations to process your transactions. Keep in mind the same, and till then, happy gaming!

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